About Me

I have loved creating since I was a little girl. My mom and dad ran a handmade business and encouraged creativity. I enjoy learning new ways to create, and even blogging has been a creative adventure. As much as I love learning I also love teaching and sharing. So blogging is a great way to play, learn and teach. I blog about everything from cake tutorials, recipes, How to, crochet and I even blog about how to blog!

I have been blogging for 7+ years, recently rebranding from "I'm Topsy Turvy" to "Ashlee Marie". I felt the old branding was confusing for my readers, so now I'm focusing more on making myself the brand I'm selling and It's been a huge success, my pageviews have been steadily increasing since the change.

Stats and Numbers

Monthly page views ...................... 480,000

Unique visitors per month ........... 250,000

Pages/Visit ...................................... 1.4

Average visit duration ................... 4+ mins 92% of my fans are female with 50% between the ages of 25-44. 75% of our readers are in the United States and 64% use mobile phones and tablets to read the site 10% of my audience is searching for Food & Drink

Over 60% are searching online for Food, Cooking and Recipes

25% are searching for How-To, DIY & Expert Content

Google marks 10% of my readers as Aspiring Chefs

Working with Brands

Food Network, Bosch, Mod Podge, Plaid Martha Stewart Collection, Lion Brand Yarn, Tillamook, Elmer's, X-acto, Duct Tape, Ubisoft, Staples, Epiphanie Bags, Provo Craft, Leap Frog, Children's miracle network, Orson Gygi's, Campbells, Huggies, etc... I'm looking for long term, mutual beneficial relationships with brands and companies I already love, use, buy and believe in. I believe in creating win win situations with brands and will not take on a sponsor that I don’t know is a good fit for me and my brand. I like working with companies with the same primary goals as me, teaching others, helping build other up and helping others achieve their goals.

Upcoming Projects and Plans

In 2016 I'm focusing on continuing to grow my youtube channel through collaborations. And Creating live video classes

I'm working on 4 eCookbooks to be released this year as well as working on a cookbook - Cakes and Frosting, that I'll be submitting to publishers. Not only including my exclusive recipes but also baking and frosting techniques.

I love teaching and sharing what I've learned so running/admining FB and G+ groups is important to me. I'll also continue speaking online and offline at Blogger retreats and conferences (Such as ALT, Mom 2.0 and Online Blog conference) as well as working on organizing some new, hands on, retreats and conferences for bakers and food bloggers in 2016.

Top Post Collections

Over the years I've covered a variety of topics, and here are some of my most popular posts

1. My copycat recipes always do well, topping that list currently are my homemade choco tacos

2. I adore pasta and the recipe my kids request the most, and the most popular dinner on my blog is my homemade alfredo sauce (just beating out my Gumbo this year).

3. I make a lot of sweets and candy, fudge, toffee, caramels, etc... the top of that list is my cake batter and sprinkles fudge!

4. I'm well known for my Cheesecakes, with my traditional cheesecake topping that list, It's also the number 1 video on my youtube channel.

5. Out of all my cake tutorials the ones my readers love the most are my Disney Princess cakes. I've done Elsa, Anna, Aurora, Merida, Rapunzel and Tiana.

Favorite Top Posts

Taking away the post collections we're left with stand along regular ole posts! Here are some of my readers Favorites (based on pageviews and pins)!

1. This lit up canvas was a sponsored post with Elmers. It was easy and fun and I still get comments and pins (over 40k pins) and people send me pictures, or links to post, of what they created.

2. My Son's Lego Star Wars party was one of the most fun to put together. The fun carved cake, themed food, the free printables and great activites make this party a favorite with my readers

3. Surprising, or not, this quick dessert trifle with a silly name is a frequently pinned post, and while it doesn't get a ton of comments (maybe the name throws them?) I do get a ton of emails of readers who love it!

4. One of our favorite family recipes, all of my kids love it, is this Chicken and sausage gumbo. It had a huge spike in pins throughout the fall, which has given it some new life.

5. These homemade Andes Mints are one of the OLDEST posts on my site, but it has done well on pinterest from the beginning. I'll be redoing this one this year for my new youtube channel.
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